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The #1 Question from Clients

What is Inside-Out Logic and Theory?

If the #1 obstacle to my clients was time, then the #1 question was what is Inside-Out Logic?

Here is a hint: it is what you think it is.

One morning you woke up and asked how did I get here? What we do after we ask that question is where you and I meet.

The question happens when you desire something…..more.

Something different

Something better

Something else

Identifying those other ‘somethings’ often leads to time travel. We travel to the past looking at all the mistakes, wallowing in all of the what ifs and soon it’s been a series of mornings with that question and no alterations.

The key to bridging our current existence to our best lives is not just asking the question but taking action to locate the answer.

The answer is already within you. It always was, you just didn’t know where and how to look.

I understand that because that was once me. Today I use my fuck ups to navigate my best future and I am excited to show you how to do that to and FOR your life.

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