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Merry Christmas

On this day, it's especially important to keep this in mind.

While worldwide this is a day to celebrate religion, family and connections...this is also a day to celebrate yourself.

Who are you?

It took years for me to learn who I was. It took mistakes. It took setbacks. It took losing everything that I had, that which defined me, that which I thought I needed.

I was living someone else's life.

I was living the life that my mother wanted for me.

I was living the life I thought my son needed me to have.

I was living the life that custom, and society and the standards of others taught me I needed.

I was not living my authentic life. I was not living my productive and successful life. I was not living. I was existing and surviving but it was not life.

I made it my purpose in 2020 to use my fuck ups to help others secure their future.

I made it my purpose to help others to build bridges to their best lives, and 2020 has gifted me with the blessings of both time to make that happen and success stories of those who took the bold step to welcome coaching into their lives.

Don't live someone else's life.

Don't wait another moment.

Click 'contact me' and let's start building your bridge.

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